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Homeless Outreach Psychiatric Services Model for South Eastern Melbourne


Monash Health (lead) in partnership with Hanover

Project Description:

Monash Health (lead) in partnership with Hanover Welfare Services (support) will develop a comprehensive, evidence informed model for outreach psychiatric service that provides a framework for the assessment, treatment and care of homeless people living with severe and persistent mental illness and complex needs in South Eastern Melbourne.

The partnership will design a framework for an integrated model of care with the dual objective of improving client mental health outcomes and reducing recurrent homelessness. This will be achieved through a collaborative approach of mental health (clinical services) and social welfare agencies (non-clinical services) within a regional context.

Project Outcomes

The forums run were well attended and discussion was robust. 6 consumers and 20 service providers where involved in the consultation processes. Results of the discussion from the group were considered and included into the model and final report. The final report provides recommendations including the basis for a business case to be submitted to DHHS to argue the need for such a service. Stakeholders agree on the need for such a model however are not in a position to be able to contribute funds to support a trial.

Lessons learnt

While it is beneficial to conduct a needs analysis, it is the beginning.  Further submissions need to be submitted to secure funds to trial such a project.


To access the report with recommendation please contact SEMPIR here


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