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PULSAR – Everyday


Southern Synergy / Monash University

Project Description:

PULSAR – everyday, will be a supplementary research program nested within PULSAR. PULSAR’s central platform is the CHIME framework (Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning and engagement).

Consumer, family and carer held tools and resources have great potential to augment the impact of other initiatives towards recovery oriented practice (ROP) through empowering people to know what to expect from ROP and engage in self-management based on CHIME.

PULSAR – everyday will collaborate with consumers, families and carers to develop and evaluate these new tools, and will utilise CHIME to help make ROP more accessible and understandable for consumers, families and carers. It will determine and create effective consumer, family and carer held tools to support service user’ recovery journeys, and the implementation of ROP.


31 consumers, family/cares and lived experience workers were involved in the project through LEAP and consultations undertaken at PARCs services and in the community. The feedback from the consultations will inform a new evaluation framework that is being developed and is expected to be completed by September 2016.

A Personal Recovery consumer workbook was produced. To find out more information about this workbook, contact PIR here.


Participation of consumers, families and carers who were targeted during recruitment process was a challenge due to various reasons.

Lessons Learnt

Dissemination of information regarding focus groups to consumers, families and carers requires a multi-pronged approach in order to get more participants.


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