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Sue and Dave's Story

28 Jun 2016

YMCA +ONE Program

Sue and Dave are a married couple in their 40s who were both referred into the YMCA +One program by their family support worker. The program offers a targeted, flexible and accessible program for people with mental illness to access a leisure centre. Professional support and guidance is offered to the participants encouraging them to be more physically active and socially connected to their local leisure centre.

Sue describes how prior to joining the program she was experiencing various challenges.  Muscle tension and anxiety had become normal for Sue and she would go about her daily routine feeling anxious and not realizing she was in pain.

Sue found the program to be very beneficial. She states that “The +One program at Casey Arc was fantastic. My body awareness has increased and tension and pain has started to leave me.  Moving in water really helped ease sore bits and I found that things that I could not do on land, I could do in water. When I started, my blood pressure was high but since exercising it has reduced.”

Sue and Dave also utilised other facilities available including the sauna and the steam room which they feel helped them relax their muscles.  Apart from feeling joint and muscle pain reducing, they also report other benefits such as improvement in breathing as well as their skin health.

Sue highlighted the benefits of receiving professional support which is personalised to her needs.  She says “Starting the sauna loosened muscles in preparation for swimming or gym work out.  You can do a personalized program in the gym to strengthen body areas and I got a trainer to assist me."  Improved movement and physical activity has relieved aches and pain that Sue once experienced. She also loved floating in the pool at the end of the sessions and describes the relaxation and silence as “bliss".

The YMCA +One program has been a positive experience for Sue and Dave. Dave’s overall physical fitness has improved and he is also more optimistic about his future. Dave has now reconnected with his love for music and has been accepted into the X-Factor competitions for 2016.  Sue also affirms this stating that she is now exercising more, has more energy and is now able to complete more tasks during the day and in addition sleeping better at night.

Sue and Dave state that, “We have experienced a total mood improvement and can say the +One program has been fantastic for us both.” 

For enquiries on similiar programs, please discuss with your Support Facilitator

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