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John's Story

15 Apr 2016

John experienced trauma in his childhood. In his adult life, he found himself working within the same organisation in which this trauma occurred. John didn’t want others to go through the same emotional trauma he did and so he went to the police. Due to the professionally diagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder he suffered as a result, he went through a period where he was suicidal. A psychologist referred John to Partners in Recovery, and for the last three years he has been receiving help from his Support Facilitator, Claudia.

John was diagnosed with schizophrenia 9 years ago; he used to keep to himself and had no one to talk to. He had a lot of trouble at his last place of residence, where he was sharing with a family that wouldn't let him cook, or turn on the heater when it was cold in order to save money on bills. Claudia assisted him to find comfortable housing, and helped him to apply for the Disability Support Pension, which has made a huge difference to John and his wife – they can now afford better food, amongst other things.

John has several health issues and relies on his wife to care for him. His wife now receives the Carers Allowance thanks to the help of Claudia, who also organised activities for them including swimming, a 6 month gym membership and hydrotherapy. Claudia assists John to get to his appointments, and it really helps him to have this support.

John says Claudia has helped give him confidence, and that if it wasn’t for her he would have ended his life. He has Claudia to help him fill in forms, and support him whenever the going gets rough.

Compared to his previous situation, John feels a great relief, especially due to his better housing conditions. Now he feels more socially included, and feels better about himself. He says, “I never expected so much help from Partners in Recovery”, and he has recommended Partners in Recovery to other people he knows. John says he feels Partners in Recovery has given him some security, and that, “Now I feel like we’re in heaven”.

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