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Mark’s Story

13 Jul 2015

Mark is 38 years old and has been with PIR almost one year since July 2014.  Mark was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder many years ago.  He remembers being an angry child and being violent in primary school.

Before joining PIR Mark was homeless, sleeping in parks and cars and friend’s places, was dealing drugs, had committed armed robberies and was in jail for about 10 years.  Marks says he, “Feels 100% better since PIR”.  His Support Facilitator arranged for many things in Mark’s life, including a new set of teeth/dentures.  Through his Support Facilitator’s intervention who arranged for him to have a psychiatrist, Mark started taking Seroquel for his mental condition, and this medication also helps him sleep.  Mark also now happily lives at home with his mother.  Due to his Support Facilitator’s suggestions, he also started some hobbies:  he bought weights, he builds model motorbikes, and writes poetry.

Since joining PIR Mark has been drug-free.  As he says, “PIR helps me stay on track, to get to appointments, so it keeps me out of jail”.  In fact, it was a friend of Mark’s who had been with PIR who referred him to Care Connect, and Mark self-referred himself to PIR.  Since then Mark has referred others to PIR; he gives them PIR’s phone number.

Mark’s Support Facilitator coordinates all his appointments, including his Drug and Alcohol Counselling.  His Support Facilitator has also seen to it that he only receives drug counselling and not alcohol counselling, as he doesn’t drink since it doesn’t agree with him.  Mark also keeps a diary now!  Marks says, “I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for my Support Facilitator”.  Mark says he is totally honest with his Support Facilitator, saying, “My Support Facilitator coordinates my whole life...”.  

Mark now stays away from people who trigger his anger, and also stays away from people who take drugs – this is how he stays ‘clean’.  Mark hasn’t had his driver’s licence for 15 years due to losing his licence many times for being under the influence of ice, however his Support Facilitator got him a push-bike.  She also arranged for him to have a Support Worker from EACH who drives him to many of his appointments.  Mark says, “I wouldn’t have got off ice if it wasn’t for PIR”.  

Mark has been out of jail now for five and a half years - the longest time in his life, is drug-free, and has much to look forward to since PIR assisted him with his various complex needs.

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