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Allison’s Story

24 Mar 2015

How was Partners in Recovery helped you on your recovery journey?

Partners in Recovery has helped me to organize appointments that I have “NOT” been able to do myself. Also shown such amazing patience regarding my appointments with PIR; with so much understanding, listening and hearing what I was trying to express.

What was your quality of life like before Partners in Recovery?

I was not able to get out of my bed, or outside very much. My quality of life was very limited and my energy levels were very low. I found it almost impossible to make a phone call and to attend appointments.

What new services or supports are you now benefiting from as a result of Partners in Recovery?

I have had contact with a respite care company and am awaiting an appointment with a professor who specialized in “conversion disorder”.

What benefits have you received by having your own support facilitator?

Having someone who has endless patience and understanding of people with mental illness is so very helpful. It is such a wonderful feeling to know there is support on a one on one basis to which I am deeply grateful. Partners in Recovery has helped me to take it one step at a time to assist in my recovery. Thank you.

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