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NDIS Roll-out for South Eastern Melbourne from September 2018


Roll-out in Victoria

In Victoria, the NDIS will be introduced in stages over the next three years, on a geographic basis, which was determined by:
•the number and needs of people with a disability currently using Victorian disability services;
•the readiness of the disability sector to support clients to transition to the NDIS;
•experience to date from the NDIS trial sites
The first Victorian area to be rolled into the NDIS is North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including the local government areas of Banyule, Darebin, Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Yarra, commencing from 1 July 2016. The Central Highlands region will be next in January 2017, with Greater Bendigo to commence in May 2017. The rest of the state will follow in this staged process, with full roll out of the Scheme scheduled for June 2019.

Roll-out in South Eastern Melbourne

The NDIS will become available in the Southern Melbourne area from 1 September 2018. The Southern Melbourne area covers the local government areas of:
•Greater Dandenong
Victorians identified as having urgent needs (such as those on the Mental Health Community Support Needs Register) will be prioritised for access to the Scheme in each geographical area.

The role of Partners in Recovery in transition to the NDIS

Support Facilitators will continue to be the person who coordinates support for you and you can still expect to receive the same quality of service throughout the transition period. Prior to NDIS commencement in a region Partners in Recovery will:
• continue to provide services to PIR clients
• help PIR clients and their families to understand the NDIS
• assist with preparation of NDIS applications for those people who meet the entry criteria listed above
Once NDIS commences in a region area Partners in Recovery will:
• provide support with the assessment and planning processes
• provide services to eligible NDIS participants, called ‘Support Coordination’
• provide support for PIR clients that are not eligible for the NDIS to find alternative services.

The role of Partners in Recovery once the NDIS is fully rolled out

Once the NDIS rollout is complete in a local government area, the PIR program will no longer exist in that region.
However, if you are eligible for the NDIS, you can choose to include ‘Support Coordination’ (which is the work that your PIR Support Facilitator performs) in your plan, so you can continue to have the type of support PIR provides. This could be from the same worker, or might be someone different.
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